Piece for Flüte, Oboe and Strings (1959) Opus 1
Duration   4´20
not performed

Introduction for Orchestra (1969) Opus 8
Instrumentation: flüte, clarinet, trumpet, flügelhorn, trombone, small drum, violin 1-2, viola, cello, double bass
Duration 5´45
First performance   1970-03-18
Concert Hall   The Institute for Blind and Visually impaired, Copenhagen
Occasion   Concert
Orchestra   Teachers and students musicians of the institute
Conductor   Lavard Friisholm

Dialoque for 2 Trumpets and Band (1988) Opus 18
(Dialogue for 2 Trumpets and piano (1981),
arr: Poul Ivan Møller)
Duration 5´45
Publisher   Edition Egtved MF 552 (1995)
Cd Rec.   Rondo RCD 8340 (1993)
First performance   1989-04-29
Concert Hall   Skottegårdskolen, Kastrup
Orchestra   Tårnby Harmoniorkester
Soloists   Tina Husby and Thomas Kjærgaard
Conductor   Poul Ivan Møller

Piece for Flutes and Strings (Fountain-music to Mariánské Lázne) (1988) Opus 23
Instrumentation: flute 1-2-3, violin 1-2-3-4, viola 1-2, cello, double bass
notes: Orchestral work for composer´s competition for new fountain-music
commissioned by West Bohamian Symphony Orchestra and
the resort Mariánské Lázne,  The Czech Republic.
Duration   5´45
Only performed at the competition. Problems about the change in the political situation in the country.